Representing Clients in Trust, Estate, and Probate matters
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The Elisha Law Firm Works for the Protection of Clients’ Rights

Money disputes, especially in the administration of a trust or an estate, get ugly to the point that the associated people feel cheated and often act improperly.

A trustee is a person who controls the administration of property in trust with a legal obligation. The matter becomes complicated when the trustee starts to breach the usual way of functioning to divert assets. The unexplained divergence of assets can be termed as stealing. This unacceptable behavior by trustees poses a threat to the rights of beneficiaries.

The problem could be the other way around, as well. A beneficiary sometimes falsely accuses the trustee of the mishandling or mismanagement of wealth and drags him/her to court.

Disputes also arise between beneficiaries over fair distribution of assets or money due to complex family dynamics. In any case, the person that is accountable for the misconduct needs to be questioned for their decisions or deeds.

If you are facing such issues, you are in urgent need of an experienced trust litigation attorney to resolve the conflicts. We at the Elisha law firm are experienced litigators who know how to protect our clients’ rights.

Trust Litigation Attorney Long Beach solves the matter as amicably as possible, but if the situation demands, they aggressively fight for their clients’ rights.

Ms. Elisha has served as the attorney of record in many trust litigation cases and applies her business acumen to help her clients achieve favorable outcomes.

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