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Hannah G. Elisha- Trust and Probate Litigator

Hannah G. Elisha, Esq.

Hannah G. Elisha, Esq. is the founding principal of Estate Law California APC.

Hannah is an experienced trust and probate litigator. Hannah built more than ten years’ experience helping clients successfully navigate estate planning, trust and estate administration, financial elder abuse cases, conservatorships, and trust and estate litigation before tailoring her practice to matters of contested litigation.

At Estate Law California APC, Hannah specializes in trust and estate litigation, addressing a range of issues with a focus on financial elder abuse, trust contests, will contests, and disputes related to misappropriated property. Hannah represents beneficiaries, heirs, fiduciaries, and interested parties in disputed matters related to inheritances, trusts, and estates.

Some of Hannah’s significant cases include:

Successfully defending a trustee from a beneficiary’s multimillion dollar breach of fiduciary duty lawsuit.

Successfully prosecuting and resolving a Probate Code Section 850 and financial elder abuse action to recover assets taken from a vulnerable widow.

Successfully litigating and settling a Probate Code Section 850 and financial elder abuse action to recover title to an incapacitated conservatee’s home from a self-serving family member.

Obtaining a favorable settlement setting aside wrongfully executed trust instruments in favor of decedent’s disinherited daughter.

Successfully resolving parallel civil and probate lawsuits alleging that estate planning instruments were procured by undue influence when the executing party lacked capacity.

Successfully advocating for adult children whose inheritance was threatened by a malicious and overreaching stepparent.

Successfully defending estate planning documents from challenge and resolving a dispute with a trustee over the trustee’s self-serving use of trust assets.

Successfully negotiating a trust settlement allowing decedent’s children to permanently separate themselves from their stepmother’s control over trust assets.

Successfully defending a trust from two wayward beneficiaries’ attempts to modify their parents’ Trust under Probate Code Sections 15409 and 17200.

Successfully using a trust’s no contest clause to terminate an errant beneficiary’s attempts to undermine her mother’s stated wishes.

Petitioning to set aside a holographic will on grounds of lack of capacity, undue influence, and failure for lack of due execution.

Successfully defending a no contest clause petition.

Helping a conservator successfully resolve a civil partition action on behalf of a incapacitated conservatee.

Vigorously litigating trust interpretation litigation on behalf of trustees.

Successfully obtaining court approval of trustee election to restrict unequal beneficiary distributions.

Successfully obtaining two favorable rulings on demurrer upholding ownership rights of a client under right of survivorship statutes.

Prior Professional Experience

Prior to forming Estate Law California APC, Hannah was an attorney with Stevenson Law Office APC where she practiced in the areas of estate planning, trust and estate administration, and trust and probate litigation for more than ten years. Prior to that she was a law clerk with Michel and Associates APC.


Hannah works in close collaboration with a strong network of leading law firms in Southern California who focus on civil litigation, personal injury, and trust, and estate law.
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