Conservatorship Attorney Long Beach

Conservatorship Attorney Long BeachWe help families care for loved ones who cannot take care of themselves. When an adult family member is unable to care for him or herself it may be appropriate to ask a judge to have a conservator named to oversee the person’s affairs. If you or your family find yourself in this situation, we can help.

A conservatorship can be established when a judge rules that a person (the conservatee) cannot care for him or herself and/or their finances. The judge would choose another person or organization (the conservator) to be responsible for the conservatee’s care, finances, or both. A conservator can be a family member, friend, or professional.  Our conservatorship attorney Long Beach helps you through the process to understand the legal requirements and responsibilities of being a conservator.

There are conservatorships of the person and of the estate. When a conservator of a person is named, the conservator is responsible for:

  • The conservatee’s care and protection,
  • Where the conservatee will live, and
  • The person’s daily needs, including health care, food, clothes, personal care, housekeeping and transportation.

Conservatorship Attorney Long Beach Services:

The conservator of the estate will,

  • Manage the conservatee’s finances,
  • Protect the conservatee’s income and property,
  • Inventory everything in the conservatee’s estate and keep financial records,
  • Make regular financial reports to the court and interested parties,
  • Create a plan to ensure the conservatee’s needs are met,
  • Pay the conservatee’s bills and taxes, and
  • Apply for and pursue any government benefits the conservatee may be eligible to receive.

These types of conservatorships can also be broken down into,

  • Limited conservatorships, which normally help those with developmental disabilities who cannot fully care for themselves, but who do not need the higher level of care or help given under a general conservatorship.
  • Temporary conservatorships are for those who need immediate help. A judge can decide whether a conservatorship is needed and if so whether that need is permanent or temporary for a specific time frame.

If a loved one may need the help of a conservator, contact us.  We will connect you with a qualified and experienced professional who will assess the situation, provide information on the applicable laws, and outline the best way to protect your loved one.

Conservatorship Attorney Long Beach

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conservatorship attorney long beach


We help families care for loved ones who cannot care for themselves. When an adult family member is unable to care for themselves it may be appropriate to have a conservator named to oversee their affairs.  Read More

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