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Financial Elder Abuse in California

Financial Elder Abuse Litigation in California

Welcome to Estate Law California APC, your trusted advocate in addressing financial elder abuse issues in California. Estate Law California APC is committed to protecting the rights and financial well-being of seniors facing exploitation. If you or a loved one has been a victim of financial elder abuse or if you have been wrongfully accused of financial elder abuse, Estate Law California APC is here to help you navigate the legal complexities and seek justice.

Understanding Financial Elder Abuse

Financial elder abuse involves the improper or unauthorized use of an elderly person’s financial resources. This can take various forms, including:

Misappropriation of Funds:

Unauthorized withdrawals, transfers, or use of an elder's assets.

Fraudulent Schemes:

Deceptive practices to obtain money or property from an elderly individual.

Coercion or Undue Influence:

Forcing or influencing an elderly person to make financial decisions against their will.

Forgery or Identity Theft:

Unauthorized signing of documents or stealing personal information for financial gain.

Legal Remedies in California

California has robust legal protections in place to address financial elder abuse. Welfare and Institutions Code Section 15610.30 defines elder abuse. Welfare and Institutions Code Section 15610.27 defines “Elder” as any person residing in the state, 65 years of age or older. Welfare and Institutions Code Section 15610.70 defines undue influence in the context of elder abuse cases.

Estate Law California APC specializes in guiding clients through the following legal remedies:

Civil Lawsuits:

Pursuing civil litigation against individuals or entities responsible for financial elder abuse, seeking compensation for damages and enhanced remedies including treble damages, attorney’s fees, and costs.


Working to recover unlawfully obtained assets for the victim.


Seeking court orders to stop ongoing abuse and prevent further harm.

Signs of Financial Elder Abuse

It is crucial to be aware of potential signs of financial elder abuse, including:

How Estate Law California APC Can Assist

At Estate Law California APC counsel understands the sensitivity of financial elder abuse cases and the importance of swift action. Estate Law California APC is dedicated to:
If you suspect financial elder abuse and need assistance in pursuing legal remedies or if you are faced with a meritless financial elder abuse claim, contact Estate Law California APC for a free confidential telephone consultation. Estate Law California APC is here to empower you to protect your loved ones and seek justice for victims of financial exploitation.
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